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STOVES 600DFT Dual Fuel Cooker Black


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STOVES 600DFT Dual Fuel Cooker Black

STOVES Dual Fuel Cooker. Black.

This smart dual fuel cooker from Stoves comes in an attractive black finish and features two large electric ovens and a four burner gas hob.
Flexible Cooking
Being a dual fuel appliance, the double ovens are powered by electricity, while the hob is gas. This is the setup preferred by most demanding cooks and professional chefs.
The main electric oven is very easy to use and features a fan that helps circulate heat and maintain even temperatures. This allows for consistently shorter cooking times, making it perfect for baking.
Gas powered hobs give you fantastic control over your cooking as you can adjust the temperature in an instant. This rapid application of heat reduces cooking times over conventional electric hobs.
Different Dishes, Same Time
With 69 litres capacity in the main oven, fitting everything in isn’t going to be a problem.
The door is made from transparent glass so you can see your tasty meals cooking, and it’s double glazed to keep the heat in better. A handy internal light helps you keep an eye on everything inside, without opening the door and letting heat escape.
The top oven offers a generous 35 litre capacity and comes equipped with a grill pan and trivet so you can get cooking immediately. Like the main oven, it also features a double glazed glass door.
A double oven arrangement allows you to cook different dishes simultaneously.
Easy Hob Cooking
The smart black hob has cast iron pan supports and a glass lid. This drops down easily when you need an extra work surface for your cooking prep. A safety cut off feature stops you lowering the lid onto lit burners as it extinguishes the flames.
Should a gas burner go out, the flame failure safety device has you covered. It detects when a flame isn’t lit and shuts off the supply of gas.
Easy Clean and Efficient
Keeping the 600DFT clean is easier and more convenient, as all the cavities have easy clean enamel liners.
And an excellent energy efficiency A grade means this appliance is economical to run.

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