SMEG Freestanding Fridge Freezer

SMEG FAB30RFC Freestanding Retro design Fridge Freezer


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Brand: SMEG

Type: Freestanding Fridge Freezer

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SMEG FAB30RFC Freestanding Retro design Fridge Freezer

Smeg freestanding fridge freezer.

Retro design in Cream.åÊ

With its cream retro 50s look, the Smeg FAB30RFC Fridge Freezer is an extremely classy way to store fresh and frozen goods for the whole family, with a 70/30 space split between fridge and freezer.

Dimensions mm: H1688 x W600 x D545

Family-sized fridge
There are 229 litres of storage space available in the fridge for all your daily and other fresh food items. Groceries are stored securely on three robust safety glass shelves, which are height-adjustable to accommodate items of different dimensions.
Three door balconies give you ample room to store bottles, jars and similar containers. An egg rack keeps your eggs separate and safe, and the FAB30RFC has a stylish chrome wine rack provided to neatly keep bottles of white, ros̩ and champagne in their right place.
Use the bottle retainer for soda bottles, milk containers and more.

Keep more frozen food
The Smeg FAB30RFC also gives you a large 64 litres to keep things like meats, dessert, bags of vegetables and more perfectly frozen.
Two drawers allow you to separate different foodstuffs more effectively, and they're clear-fronted so that you can easily see how much food you have and what condition it's in.

Making things easier for you
Fast cooling in the fridge compartment lets you get new items down to the right level of chilling so that textures, tastes and nutrients are preserved.
In the freezer, the rapid freezing function drastically lowers appliance temperatures to make sure freshly-purchased groceries are frozen effectively. By setting the function to activate a few hours before use helps you save energy. It's especially handy when you need to freeze large amounts of fresh food.
Both fast chilling and fast freezing protect things you already have stored in the fridge by maintaining lower temperatures, and really help you accommodate your weekly shop.

Simpler to maintain
You'll love the Smeg FAB30RFC Fridge Freezer with its automatic defrosting feature, helping save you time and energy. You won't have to defrost the fridge again as this function runs at regular intervals to keep fridge maintenance as infrequent as possible.
The static freezer features a front porthole for draining fluids when it's time to defrost the freezer ‰ÛÒ small touches to make looking after your appliance a lot easier.

Cost-effective and stylish
The Smeg FAB30RFC Fridge Freezer assures you of money-saving performance that's kinder to the environment with its excellent A++ energy efficiency rating.

Oozing with retro charm, the Smeg FAB30RFC Fridge Freezer in cream is an effortless blend of alluring style and high-performance refrigeration technology.

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