SIEMENS Freestanding Washing Machine

Siemens WM12N200GB iQ300 Front loading automatic washing machine


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Type: Freestanding Washing Machine

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Siemens WM12N200GB iQ300 Front loading automatic washing machine
iSensoric Washing Machine with iQDrive for highly effective and efficient laundry care

Intelligent, durable and quiet iQdrive motor with 10-year warranty for highly effective and efficient laundry care
With the option speedPerfect, get perfect washing results in up to 65% less time.
A+++ -10%: washes 10% more efficient than the requirement for energy efficiency class A+++.
Textile guard re-proofing programme for gentle waterproofing of outdoor textiles.
Energy Efficiency Class: A+++ -10%
Capacity: 8 kg
Maximum spin speed: 1200 rpm
B spin class
Energy consumption :176 kWh per year, based on 220 standard washing cycles
-10% more economical (176 kWh/year) than the standard value (196 kWh/year)
Energy consumption: standard 60 °C cotton programme 0.94 kwh full load and 0.78 kwh partial load and 40 °C cotton programme 0.56 kwh partial load
Cottons 60 Eco and Cottons 40 Eco are the standard washing programmes to which the information in the label relates. These programmes are suitable to clean normally soiled cotton laundry and are the most efficient programmes in terms of combined energy and water consumption.
Water consumption 9900 litres per year, based on 220 standard washing cycles
Programme time:60 °C cotton programme 200 min at full load 200 min at partial load and 40 °C cotton programme 200 min partial load
Weighted power consumption off-mode / left-on mode: 0.12 W / 0.5 W
Duration of the left-on mode: NO_FEATURE
Drum volume: 55 litres
Noise level washing : 55dB (A) re 1pW: Noise level spinning:76dB (A) re 1 pW
Fully electronic control dial for all wash and special programmes
Special programmes: Rapid 60, Dark Wash, shirts/blouses, textile guard re-proofing programme, mixed fabrics, hygiene, rapid 15 minute quick wash, Duvet, drum clean with reminder, rinse/spin/drain, handwash/wool, delicates
Touch control buttons: less ironing, time delay, temperature selection, start/pause with reload function, speedPerfect/ecoPerfect, Water & Rinse Plus, spin speed selection
iQ Drive
varioPerfect:speed or energy efficiency with perfect wash performance every time
antiVibration Design - for more stability and quietness
Large display for programme progress indication, temperature, spin speed, remaining time, 24 hours end time delay and load recommendation
Aquatronic wash system
Foam detection system
Out of balance load adjustment
Detergent over dosage display
End of cycle buzzer
Electronic child safety package
Metal door catch
Multiple water protection
Slide-under installation
Dimensions (H X W X D): 84.8 x 59.8 x 55 cm
Large Alu-Look, white door with 180° opening and 30 cm porthole
Product Specs: