SIEMENS Extractor Hood

Siemens LF959RB21B iQ700 Ceiling hood


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Type: Extractor Hood

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Siemens LF959RB21B iQ700 Ceiling hood
The ceiling-mounted island chimney hood is perfect for all kitchen islands.

The 780 m3/h extraction rate supplies clean air when cooking.
When required the intensive setting temporarily increases the extraction rate, with automatic revert after 4 min.
At 50 dB the hood is extremely quiet when being used.
White electronic display
Electronic control via Soft touch button control
For ceiling mounted installation
Designed for suspended or flush ceiling installation
Remote control
Soft touch button control for extractor speeds and light
Automatic 10 minutes after running
Interval operation
4 x LED 2.5W
3 x metal grease filter cassettes - dishwasher safe
Grease filter saturation indicator
Steel filter cover
Rim ventilation
Suitable for ducted and re-circulating operation
For recirculated extraction CleanAir recirculating kit (accessory) needed
Extraction rate according to EN 61591 ø 15 cm:
max. Normal use 570 m³/h
Intensive 780 m³/h
Noise level according to EN 60704-3 and EN 60704-2-13 exhaust air:
Max. normal use: 64 dB(A) re 1 pW (50 dB(A) re 20 µPa sound pressure)
Intensive: 71 dB(A) re 1 pW (57 dB(A) re 20 µPa sound pressure)
3 x power levels plus intensive setting
Power rating: 285 W
Automatic intensive revert
Noise max. Normal Level: 64 dB*
Extractor hose 150 mm
Dimensions (WxD): 900 x 500 mm
built-in dimensions (HxWxD): 299 x 870 x 476 mm
Dimensions exhaust air (HxWxD): 299-299 x 900 x 500 mm
Diameter pipe Ø 150 mm (Ø 150 mm enclosed)
Light Intensity: 673 lux
Colour Temperature: 4000 K
Average Energy Consumption: 58.2 kWh/year*
Energy Efficiency Class: A*
Blower Efficiency Class: A*
Lighting Efficiency Class: A*
Grease Filtering Efficiency Class: E*
Product Specs:

Energy Efficiency Class