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Sebo K1 Pro Cylinder Bagged Vacuum Cleaner - Sold as an agent of Euronics Ltd


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Brand: SEBO

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Sebo K1 Pro Cylinder Bagged Vacuum Cleaner - Sold as an agent of Euronics Ltd
The Sebo K1 Pro Bagged Cleaner is a reliable household appliance, designed to make the chore of vacuuming as effortless as possible.
Fantastic Cleaning
There is now no excuse for dirty floors – the K1 Pro from Sebo makes this boring chore a doddle. With an efficient airflow system, the 91667 has great suction that, coupled with the motor, rapidly and thoroughly cleans hard floors and carpets. What used to be a quick whiz around is more like a deep clean
Offering a 3 litre capacity, the K1 Pro allows you to keep cleaning, and when full the bags are simple to detach and dispose of, fuss free.
The convenient design and manageable weight also mean this Sebo vacuum cleaner can comfortably be used to clean the stairs.
Handy Attachments
Sebo’s K1 Pro comes with a great range of attachments, allowing you to tackle any vacuuming challenge.
Reach high, awkward corners and suck up those annoying cobwebs with the telescopic tube. You’ll never have to stand perilously on anything again. Being telescopic means you don’t have to attach and detach extra tubes for different tasks.
With the crevice tool, you can get into tight corners and thoroughly clean along skirting boards. The upholstery attachment helps get any loose crumbs off your furniture without damaging the fabric.
There is also a turbo brush, which complements the great performance of this vacuum cleaner. With different brush settings for hard floors and carpets, this attachment is particularly good at picking up pet hair.
Being built by Sebo, who are known for their high standards and build quality, ensures the 91667 is a reliable and consistent vacuum.
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