NEFF Built-in Double Oven

NEFF U16E74N5GB Built In Electric Double Oven Stainless Steel


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Brand: NEFF

Type: Built-in Double Oven

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NEFF U16E74N5GB Built In Electric Double Oven Stainless Steel

Neff Built-In Double Oven, Stainless Steel.

Maximising space and optimising efficiency in the kitchen, the U16E74N5GB Built-In Double Oven is a finely detailed appliance that helps you attain outstanding cooking results. Complete with two cooking cavities, a full width grill, illuminated display and a self-cleaning system, this dual oven seamlessly fits into your kitchen and lifestyle.

Large Capacity
Comprising of two cooking cavities to assist you in your roasting and baking tasks, the U16E74N5GB is perfect for simultaneous cooking. The main cavity has a capacity of 66 litres and has a bread baking and pizza setting, whilst the top cavity has a capacity of 32 litres and includes a full width grill for thick pieces of meat.

Maintaining a beautifully clean oven can be a thankless task at times, CeramiClean reduces the amount of time that you would spend cleaning the cavity, self-cleaning itself so that you don't have to. Absorbing and oxidising grease particles, the liners on the back and roof of the cavity collect and burn any deposits from your food, meaning that you only need to quickly wipe the surface.

Giving you complete flexibility with the positioning of your dishes and pans, FlexiRail has been designed to make your cooking productivity easier. Using individual plug in rails, that you can easily adjust to tailor your own rail and shelf system, you will have more space and capabilities with your cooking. Furthermore the heavy duty rail clips are easy to remove, making them easy to clean, whilst the system includes one pair of fully extendible telescopic rails.

Illuminated Interface
Intuitive and clean, the interface of the U16E74N5GB has been designed to make cooking so much simpler. A silver ClearText display gives you sharp clarification on which compartment is which, the illuminated function display marks clear timer readings, whilst the numerous indicators are all easy to understand to give you precise cooking settings for optimum results.

Ergonomic Design
Complimenting your kitchen's interior fantastically, whilst offering effortless functionality, the U14M42S5GB is sleek in design and bold in appearance. With a bevelled glass fascia, oval controls, symmetrical design and 'U-form' door, this oven stylishly compliments your kitchen's interior.

Product Specs:
Dimensions in mm HWD888 x 594 x 550
Capacity in litres30/67
Oven Configuration.Double
Can be Built UnderNO
Fuel TypeElectric
Cleaning FeatureCeramiclean/ Titan Enamel
Fan Assisted.Yes
Energy Efficiency.A/A-30%
Fuse Rating.32A