NEFF Gas Hob

Neff T27DA79N0 75 cm, Hob, Stainless steel


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Brand: NEFF

Type: Gas Hob

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Neff T27DA79N0 75 cm, Hob, Stainless steel

FlameSelect - Thanks to the clever control of gas flow, the flame can be precisely adjusted in 9 steps. Always the same reliable and precise power levels for outstanding cooking convenience.
7-segment display with residual heat indicator - Provides a digital display of the power level selected for a particular cooking zone. After the hob is turned off, the indicator informs you of the cooking zone’s residual heat.
Dual flame system for high temperatures at up to 5 kW when cooking large quantities.
Continuous cast-iron pan supports for maximum stability and cooking convenience.
Stainless steel
FlameSelect with 9 steps
◾LED display for each zone
◾Design co-ordinated control dials
◾Ignition via control dials
◾black cast iron pan supports with protective rubber feet
5 burner hob
◾1 wok burner
◾4 gas + wok (Left)
◾Right rear: High speed burner 3 KW
◾Left: Wok burner 5 KW
◾Center rear: 1.75 KW
◾Center front: Economy burner 1 KW
◾Right front: Standard burner 1.75 KW
Flame failure safety device
◾1 stage
◾Factory set for connection to mains gas
Power cord length 100 cm
LPG jets (28-30/37mbar) included
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