NEFF Built-in Fridge

NEFF K1514X7GB High Fridge


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Brand: NEFF

Type: Built-in Fridge

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NEFF K1514X7GB High Fridge

Neff 87Cm High Fridge. Sliding Hinge System. Auto Defrost. A+ Rated.

With its A+ energy rating, the Neff K1514X7GB is highly efficient. It‰۪ll only cost you around å£14.64 a year to run, which is miles cheaper than an older model. With 151 litres of space, there‰۪ll be plenty of room for a smaller household, or as extra storage for a larger family. If you‰۪re tight for space, you don‰۪t need to worry as it‰۪s only 54cm wide.

Inside the fridge you‰۪ll find 4 shelves, 3 of which are height adjustable. This means you‰۪ll have no problem storing taller items like pitchers of juice or homemade cakes. And because they‰۪re made of safety glass, you won‰۪t have to worry about breakages when it‰۪s time to clean them. It also means they‰۪re really strong, so you can store more on them than you would on a standard glass shelf, like joints of meat or cans of beer. To stop your delicate food like fruit and vegetables getting squashed, there‰۪s a handy drawer at the bottom of the appliance too.

Neff‰۪s CircoCool shelving is a great addition too ‰ÛÒ by keeping a constant flow of air moving throughout the appliance, it guarantees that temperatures are even on every level, so you can make the most of all of the space available.

It‰۪s also got the handy Auto defrost function. This means any frost build up on the back wall will periodically be melted away. You won‰۪t have to do a thing. Saving you further effort is the antibacterial coating. This lines the walls of the fridge and prevents mould and bad odours. Perfect if you‰۪ve bought onions or fresh garlic.

Dimensions mm: (H) 874 x (W) 541 x (D) 542


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