NEFF Built-in Freezer

NEFF GI7413E30G Built In Freezer


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Brand: NEFF

Type: Built-in Freezer

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NEFF GI7413E30G Built In Freezer

Neff Built in Freezer.

Energy efficient, large in capacity and transparent in design, the GI7413E30G Integrated Freezer seamlessly fits into your kitchen's interior and boosts productivity in your lifestyle. Complete with a soft close door function to diminish noise levels, automatic defrosting, fast freezing for new items and consistently fresh air flow, this freezer will assist you in keeping your energy consumption low.

Eliminate hours that are spent manually defrosting your freezer thanks to the freezer's NoFrost function. Automatically preventing any frost from ever developing, the freezer is able to maintain a consistent temperature and air circulation to ensure that manually defrosting is a thing of the past.

Temperature Warning Light
Rest in the knowledge that your food safely remains within the correct storage temperature with the Temperature Warning Light. Should the cool temperature ever rise above its required level, you will be alerted by the warning light.

Super Freezing
SuperFreeze can be activated to lower the freezer temperature, ideal for putting the shopping away. This keeps the food that’s already in the freezer cool and freezes new food quickly and effectively. Food is protected even when the door is left open for longer periods.

Energy Efficient
Awarded an energy rating of A++, the GI7413E30G is a highly efficient appliance that will help save you money on your power bill. This fridge freezer uses just 168kWh per year, making it one of the most energy efficient units on the market.

Your food remains fresh for longer thanks to FreshSense technology. Delivering a constant cool airflow to ensure that your food products receive the same consistent temperature, FreshSense prevents external influences from effecting the degree of temperature so that the freshness is secured in tight.

Large Storage
Complete your weekly shopping without the stress of wondering whether you have storage for items thanks to the huge capacity of this freezer. With five compartments; of which includes a BigBox for larger items and a flap for smaller items, you will find multiple layers for all of your frozen goods.

Dimensions: H122.1cm x W55.8cm x D54.5cm

Product Specs: