NEFF Extractor Hood

Neff D66SH52N0B Chimney Hood Stainless Steel


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Brand: NEFF

Type: Extractor Hood

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Neff D66SH52N0B Chimney Hood Stainless Steel

7 segment LED display
◾Interval operation

2 x LED lights
◾2 metal grease filter cassettes
◾SoftLight with dimmer function

60 cm wide
◾For wall mounted installation
◾Soft touch control for extractor speeds and light
◾Stainless steel filter covers
◾Height adjustable

Suitable for ducted extraction and recirculation
◾Extraction rate according to EN 61591 ø 15 cm:
max. Normal use 430 m³/h
Intensive 680 m³/h
◾Noise level according to EN 60704-3 and EN 60704-2-13 at maximum normal setting: extraction rate: 58 dB (A) re 1pW (44 dB (A) re 20 µPa sound pressure)
◾3 power levels and 2 intensive settings
◾Automatic revert setting
◾Easy mounting system
◾Intensive revert 6 minutes
◾Interval operation

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