NEFF Built In Microwave Combi Oven

NEFF C28MT27NOB Compact Built In Combination Microwave Oven


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Brand: NEFF

Type: Built In Microwave Combi Oven

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NEFF C28MT27NOB Compact Built In Combination Microwave Oven

Neff built-in Built In Combination Microwave Oven. Pyrolytic. Stainless steel.

This is the Neff C28MT27N0B compact combination pyrolytic microwave in stainless steel. The oven has 13 cooking functions, touch TFT controls and a Pyrolytic cleaning system. This model has a maximum microwave power of 1000w. The oven capacity is 45 litres. The control panel height is 96mm - you need to know this if you wish to match appliances side by side.

Special features

  • 4D CircoTherm - Circotherm draws air in from the oven via a powerful fan, heats up the air and forces it back into the cavity via strategically placed ducts in the rear wall. A complete 3 course meal can be cooked at the same time on three shelf levels with out flavours intermingling. 4D CircoTherm gives you 4 cooking levels.
  • TFT colour touch control display - TFT colour and graphics display with FullTouchControl
  • Rapid Heat - Using the Rapid heat function will enable you to shorten the length of time that it takes to get to your required temperature as long as it is higher than 100 deg C.
  • Conventional Heat Eco - This setting heats the centre of the oven for single shelf cooking. The oven maintains the average temperature in a more economical way by cutting out the on/off thermostat so the oven cooks on residual heat.
  • Conventional Top and Bottom Heat - Providing conventional cooking heat sources at the top and bottom of the oven. Heat travels to the centre of the oven by natural conduction. Ideal for baking pastries and scones.
  • Hot Air Grilling - Providing the option to rotisserie cook at home, hot air grilling is perfect for poultry and duck or smaller cuts of meat and is ideal for crisping pork crackling.
  • Full Surface Grill - The grill element is situated in the oven roof. It is thermostatically controlled and will cycle on and off to maintain the required temperature.
  • Centre Surface Grill - You can use just the centre section of the grill for smaller quantities.
  • CircoTherm Intensive - Uses a combination of CircoTherm and bottom heat, ideal for foods that need a crispy underside like pizzas, or speciality breads. It can also be used for one stage pastry such as lemon meringue pie, eliminating the need for blind baking.
  • Bottom Heat - Providing heat from the bottom of the oven, for more focused heat and control. This method is ideal for pizza bases and pastry cases where you need a crispy underside or bain marie and casseroles.
  • Low Temperature Cooking - A special setting for hob-sealed prime cuts of meat and poultry. Meat/poultry is placed in a pre-heated dish and transferred into the oven. The low temperature setting uses a fixed temperature to gently tenderise without overcooking
  • Plate Warming - Hot air is circulated at up to 65 deg C to safely warm your plates and serving dishes in preparation for dinner.
  • Keep Warm - An ideal setting for keeping food warm without drying it out before serving. Typically set between 66 deg C to 100 deg C .
  • Dough Proving - This function provides a warm, moist environment, perfect for proving yeast dough while improving the texture and quality of pastry foods such as cakes and breads.
  • Microwave - Microwave cooking allows you to whip up a meal in double quick time using very little energy. A very fast and versatile system of cooking, perfect for reheating ready meals, cooking from frozen or defrosting food at any time of the day or night.
  • Microwave Combination - Ovens can be used either as a microwave, or as a traditional oven, or alternatively the two methods can be combined.
  • Pyrolytic Self Cleaning - Pyrolytic cleaning is a self-cleaning system for ovens. The process burns off any deposits from baking, roasting and grilling. You are left with a perfectly clean oven and a residue of fine ash that is easily removed with a damp cloth. Even the wire racks and universal pan clean themselves.
  • EasyClean - For a lightly soiled oven, pour approximately 400ml of water and a drop of washing up liquid in the base of the oven and then select the EasyClean programme. It softens baked-on residue so you can just wipe it down, for fast and uncomplicated oven cleaning.
  • Automatic Programmes - Take the guesswork away with auto programmes, designed to cook or defrost your food at the touch of a button.
  • Multipoint Meatprobe - The MultiPoint Meatprobe measures the heat in a joint of meat at three points to ensure the right core temperature is reached and the meat is cooked for the correct duration of time.
  • Drop down door with SoftClose - Soft close drop down door with SoftClose and SoftOpen
  • Sabbath Setting - Oven is automatically set to conventional heat at a temperature of 85 - 140 degrees C. You can adjust the Sabbath setting duration for between 24 to 73 hours.
  • LED light - Low energy bright LED interior lighting
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