NEFF Built In Steam Oven

NEFF C18FT56N0B Compact Steam Oven


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Brand: NEFF

Type: Built In Steam Oven

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NEFF C18FT56N0B Compact Steam Oven

NEFF Compact Steam Oven. Stainless steel.

Neff steam ovens provide for a method of cooking which makes it very easy to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. With FullTouch Control, the oven is easy to operate with the touch of your fingertip on the high-resolution 5.7" TFT display.

13 heating methods
A range of heating methods gives you plenty of options for preparing a variety of meals. These include:

  • CircoTherm
  • CircoTherm Eco
  • Top/bottom heat
  • Conventional heat eco
  • Hot air grilling
  • Full surface grill
  • Centre surface grill
  • CircoTherm intensive
  • Bread baking
  • Bottom heat
  • Low temperature cooking
  • Plate warming
  • Keep warm

4 steam heating methods
As well as the above, the oven features additional heating methods with steam for more nutritious meals. These include:

  • Steaming
  • Reheat
  • Dough proving
  • Defrost

MultiPoint MeatProbe
This feature lets you ensure your meat is thoroughly cooked all the way through.

Easy maintenance
A range of features has been designed to make maintaining the Neff C18FT56N0B easier. De-scaling and cleaning programmes keep the oven in good working order. The EcoClean self-cleaning catalytic coating inside the oven, and BottomClean programme for cleaning the oven floor, both help you to effortlessly keep your oven spick and span. An indicator will let you know when your water tank is empty so your oven is always ready to use.

Other features
To prevent you from accidentally leaving the oven on, it features an automatic safety switch off function. A temperature proposal and actual temperature display let you keep track of your oven’s heating up progress, and a silver display EasyClock lets you time your cooking to perfection. The SoftClose and SoftOpen drop down door prevents any damage from slamming, and the triple-glazed door keeps the heat inside.

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