HOTPOINT Washer Dryer

HOTPOINT WDPG8640P Washer Dryer


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Type: Washer Dryer

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HOTPOINT WDPG8640P Washer Dryer

Our exclusive Hotpoint washer dryer is great for those with busy lifestyles, and has a range of handy features to make your laundry chores that little bit easier. With a variety of temperatures to choose from, you can wash out tough stains and clean delicate garments with ease.The machine has Eco washing and drying programmes, so you can have the two-in-one appliance running as much as you like without worrying about the electricity bill. The machine has eight cycles to choose from, including a quick wash which ensures fabrics are clean in just 30 minutes.åÊ Reduced crease cycles eliminate the amount of creases in each load, making ironing quicker and easier.

The Eco technology and A energy rating saves around 50‰ÛÒ70% of energy by automatically modifying the majority of washing and drying programmes. Our Hotpoint model has an 8kg capacity for washing and 6kg capacity for drying, so you can wash and dry large amounts of clothes in just one load. Whilst the new wave pattern drum works as an air cushion for smooth and gentle drying.

Hotpoint washer dryers also have high Which? Ratings for their reliability, energy and water use, and annual running cost.


Product Specs:
Dimensions in mmåÊ 595 (W) x 605 (D) x 850 (H)
Wash LoadåÊ 8Kg
Quick WashåÊ YES
Drying LoadåÊ 6Kg
Spin SpeedåÊ 1400
ProgrammesåÊ 8
Variable TemperatureåÊ YES
Variable SpinåÊ YES
Energy EfficiencyåÊ A
Wash Performance A
GuaranteeåÊ 1 Year