HISENSE American Fridge Freezer

Hisense RF697N4ZS1 Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Sold as an agent of Euronics Ltd



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Hisense RF697N4ZS1 Frost Free Fridge Freezer - Sold as an agent of Euronics Ltd
The freestanding Hisense RF697N4ZS1 holds an A+ energy rating and uses ‘Total No Frost’ technology. This prevents ice crystals from building up in your freezer, so you won’t need to manually defrost it.
Not only this, but the unit’s 536 L capacity also gives you room to store food for all the family. You’ll be able to stock up on meals and keep them cool with the RF697N4ZS1’s great choice of settings and features.
Smarter Storage
With a range of modes and options, the RF697N4ZS1 is an American-style fridge freezer you can tailor to your needs. The ‘My Fresh Choice’ room lets you change the temperature of one part of your freezer. Adjust the temperature setting between:
•Deli – keeps the space at 5°C
•Vege – keeps the space at 3°C
•0°C – as you’d expect, this setting keeps the space at 0°C
An LED display keeps track of temperatures in each area of the fridge freezer, so you can check your settings at a glance.
The ‘Multi Air Flow’ feature channels cold air around the fridge freezer, keeping your food at the optimum temperature. ‘Super Cool’ and ‘Super Freeze’ functions ensure that any food put into the fridge freezer is brought down to a stable temperature quickly. Use them to keep your food looking and tasting great for longer.
Some fridge freezers risk drying out stored food, but this is not a problem for the RF697N4ZS1. The ‘Moisture Control Crisper Drawer’ means you can adjust the humidity to suit the food you’re storing. This Hisense Fridge Freezer can be set to store meat, veg and more in just the right conditions to keep them at their best.
The unit also comes with a ‘Holiday Mode’ setting, which will bring the fridge up to 15°C while the freezer runs as usual. You can keep food frozen, chill items left in the fridge, and save money on your energy bills while you’re away. Settings and features can be accessed through the fridge freezer’s display and electronic touch controls.
Organised Space
Not only is the RF697N4ZS1 spacious, but the compartments are also organised to keep your food handy and accessible. The multi-door design offers an abundance of extra storage, and opens out to give a wider fridge space that holds large items easily. Storage spaces within the unit include:
•Two glass shelves
•Two crisper boxes
•My Fresh Choice Room
•Five door balconies
•One bottle rack
•One freezer drawer
•Two freezer slide trays
Making full use of these spaces makes food easy to find, and ensures that it’s stored in the right conditions.
Useful Extras
In addition to its range of settings, this Hisense fridge freezer comes with a number of handy extras. Replacing the standard fridge bulb, a brighter and more efficient interior LED lights up the fridge compartment.
An unplumbed water dispenser is also built into the fridge door. This gives you the benefit of chilled water on tap, keeps installation simple, and gives you the flexibility to move your fridge freezer to your desired location.
Plus, the fridge’s spill-proof glass shelves are easy to wipe down, making any mess easy to manage. The freezer has a four-star rating so you can store food safely for up to 12 months, and in case of power failure, it will keep food frozen for up to 20 hours. It also contains a twist tray ice cube maker to keep your rocks at the ready.
On top of all this, the unit comes in a stylish stainless steel finish, giving it the perfect look for any modern kitchen
Height 177.6 cm
Width 91.2 cm
Depth 76.5 cm
1.Adjustable Shelving
2.Fresh Zone
3.Egg Storage
4.LED Lighting
5.Door Alarm
6.Vacation Mode
7.Child Lock
8.Leveling Legs
9.Super Freeze
10.Super Cool
11.Bottle Storage
12.LED Display
13.Cans Organizer
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