CDA Ceramic Hob

CDA HC9625FR Four zone ceramic linear hob


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Brand: CDA

Type: Ceramic Hob

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CDA HC9625FR Four zone ceramic linear hob

HC9625FR Four zone ceramic linear hob 90cm

The HC9625FR is a sleek, linear ceramic four zone hob, with a black frameless glass design and electronic touch control. The hob has 9 power levels with an easy clean surface and residual heat indicators alerting you to when the hob is too hot to touch. Another feature is the safety key lock that prevents unintentional operation of the hob.


  • Front control
  • LED display
  • 9 power levels
  • Electronic touch control
  • Booster
  • 99 minute timer
  • Ceramic shatterproof safety glass
  • Easy clean surface
  • Residual heat indicators
  • Safety key lock
  • Auto safety switch off

Available in

  • Frameless

Technical Specification

  • Rated electrical power: 6.3kW

Zone Information

  • Front left (dual) inner: 140mm: 1.2kW
  • Front left (dual) outer: 210mm: 2kW
  • Front right: 140mm: 1.2kW
  • Centre left: 140mm: 1.2kW
  • Centre right (dual) - inner: 120mm: 0.7kW
  • Centre right (dual) - outer: 180mm: 1.7kW

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