BOSCH Tumble Dryer Condenser

BOSCH WTW87560GB Condenser tumble dryer with heat pump


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Brand: BOSCH

Type: Tumble Dryer Condenser

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BOSCH WTW87560GB Condenser tumble dryer with heat pump

For busy family households, the Bosch WTW87560GB Heat Pump condenser tumble dryer will easily handle your family’s laundry thanks to its range of specialist drying programmes and ease of use.

The WTW87560GB features Bosch’s ActiveAir Technology which is designed to work without conventional heating. The air used for drying is heated by the heat pump in a cost-effective way, and the existing heat is used efficiently. And with an A++ energy rating, the WTW87560GB Bosch heat pump dryer is so much more economical than a conventional condensation dryer.

The large 9kg capacity allows you to fit all of your clothes in nicely so now you won’t have to leave anything on the radiator to get the laundry dry. And because every garment is different, Bosch have designed a whole range of individual care programmes to make sure you get the best drying results every time. Some of the programmes include- Sportswear, Woollens, Mixed Load, SuperQuick40, and shirts/blouses.

Throughout the drying cycle, advanced sensor electronics monitor your laundry, preventing overheating and automatically stopping once your garments reach the desired level of dryness. Fibre damage caused by over-drying can be a thing of the past, and there is no excess energy consumption.

Bosch’s self-cleaning condenser system automatically flushes away any lint of fluff so there is nothing for you to clean. It also means that the machine runs at maximum efficiency at all times and ensures its long-term reliability. That's one less job to worry about.

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