BOSCH Freestanding Fridge Freezer

BOSCH KGE36BW41G Fridge Freezer


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Brand: BOSCH

Type: Freestanding Fridge Freezer

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BOSCH KGE36BW41G Fridge Freezer

Bosch Serie | 6 Fridge Freezer. White.

The NoFrost Fridge Freezer with A+++ freezer rating and VitaFresh plus ◄0°C► Box: especially efficient - keeps your meat and fish fresh up to twice as long.

This KGE36BW41G fridge freezer offers typical Bosch high standards and has excellent environmentally friendly technology and user friendly functionality, so you won’t be disappointed. With an outstanding A+++ energy ratingand SuperFreeze function with automatic deactivation, this appliance has everything you could wish for.

In the fridge cavity, a uniquely designed MultiAirFlow system improves circulation to keep the temperature consistent and your food deliciously fresh. Included in the fridge are:

  • 4 removable safety glass shelves of which 2 are easy pull out, 3 glass plates are extendable
  • 2 door trays
  • a CrisperBox, which is specifically designed to keep your fruit and vegetables deliciously fresh
  • a dedicated ChillerBox for keeping fish and meat chilled
  • Pull-out Deli box
  • metal bottle rack

The manual defrost freezer houses 3 transparent drawers plus a big box, and has a SuperFreeze setting that brings the temperature right down when you add new food, automatically deactivating when the right temperature is reached. As new food is quickly frozen, more vitamins and nutrients are maintained for a more delicious experience when you eat them.

A right hinged door is reversible and makes this fridge freezer adaptable to your kitchen layout, while the removable magnetic door seals enable effortless cleaning and replacement. Vertical aluminium door handles top off this fridge freezer.


  • Energy efficiency class: A+++
  • White High-door design, cambered door and white side panels
  • SuperFreeze function with automatic deactivation
  • Auto defrost fridge compartment
  • Manual defrost freezer
  • Electronic control for fridge and freezer with LED display
  • Bright interior LED fridge light
  • Freezer malfunction warning signal: optical and acoustical warning system
  • Removable magnetic door seals - easy to clean and replace
  • Reversible door to suit your kitchen layout

Dimensions: 186 cm H x 60 cm W x 65 cm D

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