It's a Hot and Cold World May 05 2015, 16 Comments

It's been fascinating to see what customers are looking at, and eventually buying, from our on line shop.
The BIGGEST selection by far, is a product by LIEBHERR . The model UIK1550  is an integrated freezer with a unique pull out door/drawer design. A clever way of storing frozen food, to enable easy access and reduce wastage on food items often forgotten at the back of most freezers.  
Despite its price tag, our customers have seen the value of its design, and benefits. Well done LIEBHERR for producing an ideal solution in the modern kitchen.
Take a look !

One major move by a Manufacturer came about last month. Neff had been very successful with a small range of Single Built In Ovens featuring the revolutionary Slide n Hide foldaway door design. Well having seen that success , they have brought a number of new models into the market place, increasing the range, and notably featuring Pyrolitic oven cleaning. (Pyrolitic cleaning, is a procedure whereby the oven locks its door. heats up to 500 degrees , and turning the grease and oil residue into a fine powdery dust. easy to wipe out from the cavity. AMAZING)
Proving that they listened to us and our customers, when we asked if it could be done.
We will be featuring these new models on our site.
Well here we go into the month of May. Traditionally a month of new models and innovations. We will keep you posted on these, and help you decipher the inevitable jargon , New models often bring with them.