Self Clean Ovens. There's no such thing! February 05 2015, 16 Comments

There's no such thing as a self clean oven.

Are you shocked, maybe stunned, by this outrageous claim?. Well to be fair, that phrase, "self clean", is a bit misleading. After all, who cleans all those nooks and crannies, in the oven cavity, around the door, and seals, and even the glass?. Certainly not the oven itself !.Yes its YOU. So for the purposes of clarity, in this BLOG, we'll call it "Help Clean".

Modern advancements, have meant Mr Brillo, is getting outdated, that's true. With the advent of wipe clean enamel, aqua cleanse technology, and of course Catalytic Liners, where the grease and dirt, burns off during the cooking process, the consumer is having an easier time in keeping the oven clean. However, its still not a popular task, and Manufacturers have looked at ways of reducing this labour intensive activity, even further.

We at Top Discount, champion the "Pyrolytic Oven"

A simple but effective cleaning facility, which really makes life easier.

Many Brands have a "Pyro" oven in their range. So what does it mean, and what does it do?, we hear you asking................... 

Firstly, its a Greek word, Pyro, meaning Fire. The process is all about high temperatures being reached (500deg c). Then the absence of  oxygen in the oven cavity.

Firstly remove all shelving and trays from the oven cavity.

The user, then selects the function on the oven control. The door locks, and commences the programme of heating the oven to 500 degrees. The grease and oil, and food particles, are then reduced to a white powdery ash. The cycle takes 90-120 mins, but at the end, all you need is a damp cloth, or even a vacuum cleaner, or brush, to whisk away the resultant remains. 

Its as close to self clean as you can get. Simple, efficient, and another advancement in domestic appliance technology. Clever chaps those Greeks, don't you think?.

Bosch\. Neff.\ Siemens.\ Zanussi\.AEG   All feature this great function on one or more of their ovens.It promotes the reduction in chemical usage to clean, and prevents possible odour transfer to future cooking activity, by not using such chemicals or cleaning agents.

So next time you are in the market, for an oven, or indeed a cooker, think PYROLYTIC. 

Plus, they wont burn a hole in your pocket either!