It's all about the washing up! January 11 2015, 8 Comments

It may surprise you to know, that since the introduction of domestic Dishwshing machines in the 60's in this country, there still remains only a 40% penetration of sales per homes in the UK. Good news for the Marigold Glove company, but still lots of work for all the Dishwasher manufacturers around the world to do.

The main reason is obviously due to the size of the kitchen . We are  trying to include as many appliances in a limited area, and the dishwasher seems to be the loser, in the battle for space allocation. 

However the modern kitchen is embracing its inclusion, and rightly so.

In the past , the concept of these machines were based on time saving, and not much else.  Today the message is clear. Fast energy efficient, hygienic solutions to deal with the everyday chore of "The WashingUp" 

Modern machines, boast quick washes, AAA rated energy and performance ratings, and hygienic wash temperatures to deal with anything you care to challenge them with.  Cutlery trays to help with easy loading, drying cycles for the machine to cupboard user, and specific programmes for other demands..

All dishwashers have a built in water softener, as standard. A clever device that reduces the hard water effect , which we have to deal with, preventing limescale build up, and helping to reduce the amount of detergent we use.

Dishwashers can be built in, and of course, free standing. The slimline 45cm wide machine is a great idea to answer the no space question. There are even the fully clad models in stainless steel , which are beautiful and become a focus point of the room. For the design conscious customer, Black is a good option too.

So now it's time to throw away your dish cloth, banish the fairy liquid to the cupboard, and seriously consider a visit to our store or our Dishwasher section on the website. 

Please don't wait until the year 2043, when rumour has it , a model that loads and puts away its dishes, will be on the market. In the year 2015, you have your partner to do that!