All Good Things December 07 2014, 1 Comment

Well , our New Top Discount On-Line Shop has been open for business for 2 weeks now. It's been quite interesting to see, what our customers are buying at this time of the year. You may think Tv , would be the popular choice. Of course leading up to Christmas, it's right up there, but the BIG CLICK, has been in the Cooking Area. Well I suppose, with all the preparation required for the Festive Season, it's inevitable, that consumers consider a new Oven or Hob, to make the event go smoother. 

Right now, our "TOP" sellers are from the Neff and Bosch ranges. Neff are offering a trade in allowance on your old appliance, with savings up to £100. The discount is deducted up front, so all you need to do is click the Trade in box and , you've made the saving. Bosch are offering a Fantastic Cashback Deal, with up to £150 up for grabs.  Just select an appliance that has the offer, and following delivery, go on line to The dedicated Bosch claim site, and the money is yours. 

Naturally , All Good Things, must come to an end, and the offers are closing soon. Bosch on the 10th of December and Neff on the 17th. So check out the products on our site, email or call us to discuss features or delivery and installation services, and you could be Cooking up a great deal with Top Discount!