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It's a Hot and Cold World May 05 2015, 16 Comments

It's been fascinating to see what customers are looking at, and eventually buying, from our on line shop.
The BIGGEST selection by far, is a product by LIEBHERR . The model UIK1550  is an integrated freezer with a unique pull out door/drawer design. A clever way of storing frozen food, to enable easy access and reduce wastage on food items often forgotten at the back of most freezers.  
Despite its price tag, our customers have seen the value of its design, and benefits. Well done LIEBHERR for producing an ideal solution in the modern kitchen.
Take a look !


One major move by a Manufacturer came about last month. Neff had been very successful with a small range of Single Built In Ovens featuring the revolutionary Slide n Hide foldaway door design. Well having seen that success , they have brought a number of new models into the market place, increasing the range, and notably featuring Pyrolitic oven cleaning. (Pyrolitic cleaning, is a procedure whereby the oven locks its door. heats up to 500 degrees , and turning the grease and oil residue into a fine powdery dust. easy to wipe out from the cavity. AMAZING)
Proving that they listened to us and our customers, when we asked if it could be done.
We will be featuring these new models on our site.
Well here we go into the month of May. Traditionally a month of new models and innovations. We will keep you posted on these, and help you decipher the inevitable jargon , New models often bring with them.

Self Clean Ovens. There's no such thing! February 05 2015, 16 Comments

There's no such thing as a self clean oven.

Are you shocked, maybe stunned, by this outrageous claim?. Well to be fair, that phrase, "self clean", is a bit misleading. After all, who cleans all those nooks and crannies, in the oven cavity, around the door, and seals, and even the glass?. Certainly not the oven itself !.Yes its YOU. So for the purposes of clarity, in this BLOG, we'll call it "Help Clean".

Modern advancements, have meant Mr Brillo, is getting outdated, that's true. With the advent of wipe clean enamel, aqua cleanse technology, and of course Catalytic Liners, where the grease and dirt, burns off during the cooking process, the consumer is having an easier time in keeping the oven clean. However, its still not a popular task, and Manufacturers have looked at ways of reducing this labour intensive activity, even further.

We at Top Discount, champion the "Pyrolytic Oven"

A simple but effective cleaning facility, which really makes life easier.

Many Brands have a "Pyro" oven in their range. So what does it mean, and what does it do?, we hear you asking................... 

Firstly, its a Greek word, Pyro, meaning Fire. The process is all about high temperatures being reached (500deg c). Then the absence of  oxygen in the oven cavity.

Firstly remove all shelving and trays from the oven cavity.

The user, then selects the function on the oven control. The door locks, and commences the programme of heating the oven to 500 degrees. The grease and oil, and food particles, are then reduced to a white powdery ash. The cycle takes 90-120 mins, but at the end, all you need is a damp cloth, or even a vacuum cleaner, or brush, to whisk away the resultant remains. 

Its as close to self clean as you can get. Simple, efficient, and another advancement in domestic appliance technology. Clever chaps those Greeks, don't you think?.

Bosch\. Neff.\ Siemens.\ Zanussi\.AEG   All feature this great function on one or more of their ovens.It promotes the reduction in chemical usage to clean, and prevents possible odour transfer to future cooking activity, by not using such chemicals or cleaning agents.

So next time you are in the market, for an oven, or indeed a cooker, think PYROLYTIC. 

Plus, they wont burn a hole in your pocket either!  






Our Big Winter Sale Ends Saturday January 31st January 25 2015, 16 Comments

All good things come to an end. Our Big WINTER SALE, is ending on Saturday 31st January. So don't delay, grab that bargain on Tv , Washing, Dishwashing, Cooking, Chilling, Freezing, even heating, before its too late.

Cheap, Inexpensive, Bargain, hum dinger deal. Call it what you want. 

Its in the Big Winter Sale at Top Discount Electrical

"Form an orderly queue please" 

An Induction Course in Electric Hob cooking January 18 2015, 8 Comments

We are proud to say, that our sales of Induction Cooking products, be they Built in Hob, or Freestanding Cooker Appliances, are growing each Month.

its a pleasing statistic, as Induction technology is admired, but there is still an air of caution by the consumer, when making the choice to buy or not. Please excuse the pun, but it BOILS down to the way it is explained to the customer, revealing its benefits, and not just how beautiful they look.

To serious cooks, the most important favorable point about induction cookers, given that they are as or more "powerful" at heating as any other sort, is that you can adjust the cooking heat instantly and with great precision. Before induction, good cooks, including all professionals, overwhelmingly preferred gas to all other forms of electric cooking for one reason: the substantial "inertia" in ordinary electric cookers ,when you adjust the heat setting, the element (coil, halogen heater, whatever) only slowly starts to increase or decrease its temperature. With gas, when you adjust the element setting, the energy flow adjusts instantly.

But with induction cooking the heat level is every bit as instantaneous, and as exact as gas. Induction elements can be adjusted to increments as fine as the cooker maker cares to supply (and nowadays that is very fine, especially at the critical low-temperatures end), and,again very important to serious cooks, such elements can run at as low a cooking-heat level as wanted for gentle simmering and suchlike (something even gas is not always good at).

 I know we hark on about saving energy, well how about this. A gas hob only generates 40% of the heat produced, to the pan or vessel used, to cook the food. The rest is wasted, in heating the area or room around it. An induction hob can boast 84% of the heat is concentrated on the pan. Hence the statement, that induction cooking is FOUR times faster. 

The cooking surface is cooler, and only the immediate area where the pan meets the hob, generates heat. But still nowhere near the level generated by other equipment. 

Ok. So how is all this achieved? 

The principle is all to do with a magnetic field. The ring on the hob, detects the magnetic base on the pan, and hey presto, we are in business. Without the pan , the ring will NOT activate. Making it extremely safe, when young children are in the kitchen. 

We accept that some of your pans, won't have a magnetic base. Therefore a small investment in some replacements , may be necessary. But you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you do have some compatible utensils in your cupboards. Ask one of the children for a magnet, to do a simple test.  

We will also assist, because when you buy a selected Induction Hob made by Bosch/ Neff/Siemens we will give you a FREE set of pans, with our compliments. 

Whats the last obstacle, to get over, when converting from Gas to Induction Cooking?

"I don't have an electricity supply, suitable for using this product" (min 32amp fuse and separate circuit required) 

Well now you do.  We sell a Neff built in Hob, which can plug into a standard 13 amp, 3 pin socket. Bringing modern technology to the home, without the fuss or expense, of accommodating  such a purchase.  

Check out the Neff T40B31 Induction Hob on the website.  

Of course if you are upgrading from traditional electric cooking , then it's most likely, that everything is already in place. 

We hope you found this article interesting, and of course, we are happy to answer any questions you may have, on the subject.



It's all about the washing up! January 11 2015, 8 Comments

It may surprise you to know, that since the introduction of domestic Dishwshing machines in the 60's in this country, there still remains only a 40% penetration of sales per homes in the UK. Good news for the Marigold Glove company, but still lots of work for all the Dishwasher manufacturers around the world to do.

The main reason is obviously due to the size of the kitchen . We are  trying to include as many appliances in a limited area, and the dishwasher seems to be the loser, in the battle for space allocation. 

However the modern kitchen is embracing its inclusion, and rightly so.

In the past , the concept of these machines were based on time saving, and not much else.  Today the message is clear. Fast energy efficient, hygienic solutions to deal with the everyday chore of "The WashingUp" 

Modern machines, boast quick washes, AAA rated energy and performance ratings, and hygienic wash temperatures to deal with anything you care to challenge them with.  Cutlery trays to help with easy loading, drying cycles for the machine to cupboard user, and specific programmes for other demands..

All dishwashers have a built in water softener, as standard. A clever device that reduces the hard water effect , which we have to deal with, preventing limescale build up, and helping to reduce the amount of detergent we use.

Dishwashers can be built in, and of course, free standing. The slimline 45cm wide machine is a great idea to answer the no space question. There are even the fully clad models in stainless steel , which are beautiful and become a focus point of the room. For the design conscious customer, Black is a good option too.

So now it's time to throw away your dish cloth, banish the fairy liquid to the cupboard, and seriously consider a visit to our store or our Dishwasher section on the website. 

Please don't wait until the year 2043, when rumour has it , a model that loads and puts away its dishes, will be on the market. In the year 2015, you have your partner to do that! 



2015 is Coming December 30 2014, 8 Comments

2014 May not have been a great year for some. The Economic climate , certainly challenged consumers, particularly when choosing appliances, to be both value for money, and energy efficient.

We found customers , were willing to invest now in Green Products, and reap the rewards in savings over the months and years to come. "A" RATED Tumble Dryers, A+++ Fridge/Freezers, and Dishwashers, were the leading choices.  

2015 will continue this trend. We at Top Discount , will do our very best to highlight, the fabulous new products, epitomising the publics move towards energy conservation.

May we wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year. 


The Latest movers and Groovers December 21 2014, 0 Comments

The build up to Christmas , brings many new trends every year. In the past the latest technology in TV and Hi Fi was prominent on everyone's mind, either as gifts , or essential equipment to have in place over the festive season.

However this year, the big seller , may surprise you. Logically it's all about cooking. The Built in Double Oven to be precise. Thought to be a declining market, the re-emergence of this product line, has caught out many of the big manufacturers. It's been quite difficult , to keep up with demand. Cooking equipment has been the big item this year in general. Either for new kitchen projects, or for the replacement market, 1in 3 sales has been cook related. 

Well Christmas is almost here. We hope you have a fantastic, joyful time with your Family and Friends. We can't promise you a White Christmas, but we can assure you, we will be around in one medium or another, over the Holidays.

Our Opening hours are as follows,

Store at Aldermans Hill

Christmas Eve. 9-4

Christmas Day and Boxing Day  Closed

Saturday December 27th 10-4

Sunday December 28th Closed

Mon 29th and Tues 30th December 9-6

New Years Eve 9-4

New Years Day 2015  Closed. 


The website is OPEN 7 Days a week 24 Hours a day.





All Good Things December 07 2014, 1 Comment

Well , our New Top Discount On-Line Shop has been open for business for 2 weeks now. It's been quite interesting to see, what our customers are buying at this time of the year. You may think Tv , would be the popular choice. Of course leading up to Christmas, it's right up there, but the BIG CLICK, has been in the Cooking Area. Well I suppose, with all the preparation required for the Festive Season, it's inevitable, that consumers consider a new Oven or Hob, to make the event go smoother. 

Right now, our "TOP" sellers are from the Neff and Bosch ranges. Neff are offering a trade in allowance on your old appliance, with savings up to £100. The discount is deducted up front, so all you need to do is click the Trade in box and , you've made the saving. Bosch are offering a Fantastic Cashback Deal, with up to £150 up for grabs.  Just select an appliance that has the offer, and following delivery, go on line to The dedicated Bosch claim site, and the money is yours. 

Naturally , All Good Things, must come to an end, and the offers are closing soon. Bosch on the 10th of December and Neff on the 17th. So check out the products on our site, email or call us to discuss features or delivery and installation services, and you could be Cooking up a great deal with Top Discount! 

Welcome to Our New On Line Shop November 24 2014, 0 Comments

Hello and Welcome to Our NEW On line shop.

It's been a long time in the planning, but we think its essential to our Business , to allow You , Our Customers, an opportunity to shop with us, even when the Store in Palmers Green is Closed. 

The vital element , is to mirror all the Good things that we provide as a Service to our customers who visit the shop, to customers who prefer to choose our on line store. 

Great Prices, Efficient Delivery and Installation , with a promise we WILL TAKE EM' Upstairs" 

We will happily respond to any queries you may have about a Product you are looking at. You can call us, Email, even Twitter or Facebook us. 

We pride ourselves on being able to provide sound advice and detailed information, to assist you in deciding which Makes and Models provide the Best Solution for your needs. 

So please don't be afraid to ask. We welcome it.

We will provide a Top seller chart for all our product categories. All done to help you through to "Checkout"

We also want you to keep popping back to visit us, to learn about Great new Product Releases and Innovations.  As well as Exciting Promotions to give you even greater value for money. It's its being offered, we'll tell you about it .

So once again, A Warm Welcome to Top Discount, "The Store Everyone is Talking About"